Class Work

Dexter Portrays Life. Seriously.

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This is a research paper done for Media Theories and Effects that answers the question of whether or not media affects or reflects reality by analyzing a particular television show through various contexts.

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Public Relations Plan for New Restaurant


In Principles of Public Relations, we were given a hypothetical situation in which a restaurant requested a Public Relations plan to generate more business for their company and increase weekend reservations. Following the above format, students were to fill in each cell with their ideas on how to accomplish the companies goals through Face-To-Face communication, Paid Media, Earned Media, and Social Media.

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Sample Media Pitch for LifeQuest Organ Recovery Services

Marlia Walker LifeQuest Media Pitch-1.png

The capstone class at UNF for the Public Relations concentration involves helping a real client come up with a campaign that they may implement in the future. LifeQuest, an Organ Procurement Organization, reached out to UNF for a campaign designed to encourage African-Americans to register as organ donors.

I was on the Writing and Editing Teams and also helped pitch our campaign to our clients at the end of the semester. I wrote this sample media pitch to the Florida Star included in our collaterals for LifeQuest to use if they chose to implement our campaign.

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